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It's cold and warm at the same time.
It's solid and liquid at the same time.
It's transparent and at the same time and contain within it the whole spectrum of colors of the rainbow.
It is defined as a raw material, but for me it is the colors palette of my life.

It is the world of Glass.

Together, the glass and myself, went through a magical long-lasting journey of trial and error processes in the studio, were we explored,tested, found and implemented work techniques and various modes of operation.

At the same time, I enriched my expertise in Glass art through personal in-depth workshops given by international world known Glass masters.


Often, I am being asked to define what is the meaning of inspiration for me as an artist, and where do I find its resources

For me, an inspiration is a spark passing through me, a magic that is touching me, when I observe the endless shades, shapes and colors that nature is painting in all the wild and human landscapes which are being created by it continuously.

Yes, inspiration is right here and right now and it's surrounding us.

All these sparks are leaving their impression on me and they find their expression through my art work.

My artistic work is integrated in architectural and design projects in clients private houses, synagogues, office spaces and more as well as tailor made are pieces created based on the personal request and needs of each client.





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