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קורסים - אסנת אמנות בזכוכית

Studio - Osnat Glass Art

Is there a glass ceiling out there, which restrain and prevent wonderful individuals  from presenting their marvelous talent to the world?   
In my Studio we shall learn, explore, implement and create unique glass art works .
In the Studio we shall reach a very deep level of controlling all aspects of fusing and glass melting processes. 
Together,we shall break each  and every ceiling , including any glass ceiling.

It is my pleasure to invite you, Glass art lovers, to my Studio, whether you have or not, any previous experience in this magical creation process.

In a cozy and friendly environment you will be able to explore and understand how unique and exiting is the beauty behind the world of glass art .



Basic fusing


Know your kiln, how to writie a firing programs.


Advanced fusing techniiqes


Painting on Glass:


 Basic painting on glass with enamel,


Advanced techniqes,

Painting with Glass:


Basic painting with poweders and glass frits.


working with layer.

Glass Casting:


Tools to build molds.


Build molds with deffrent materials,


Glass casting.


Pate De Verre.

Glass Mosaic:

Basic glass mosaic.


Advanced  glass mosaic. 




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